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Worst Case Scenarios.

I’ve seen relationships carry on for years, often with the tourist coming to visit as often as every few weeks, or as few as once a year, with the relationship held together through phone calls and e-mail.  I’ve seen cases where locals have even married, moved to the host country of the tourist, then two or three years later a brother or sister is helped to get a visa, only to turn out to be their lover, not their sibling!  I’ve seen tourists that have relocated to the country, married and had children, only to have the tourist die of “mysterious causes” five years later, leaving behind their estate to their local spouse and children.  Maybe these were extreme circumstances, but it happens.  You may never really “know”, as long as the “dynamic” described at the start of this page, exists.  Maybe you’ll get lucky and meet one of the “good ones”.  Everybody is sure they did.  Almost nobody does.


Boca Chica's Reputation.
Did you know that Boca Chica has a reputation?  The reputation varies but ultimately it comes down to SEX.  SEX?  Oh MY!  What is this all about?  Isn't this a Travel and Tourism site?  Yes, it is, and to ignore this "reputation" when advising potential visitors would not be nice.  Yes, this town is THE SEXY PLACE.   Possibly the SEXIEST DESTINATION in all of the Caribbean.  It's OK.  It's also a great place for conservative types and a nice place for families with small children.

Boca Chica, Dominican Republic is a sun and beach destination.  And it is a sexy destination.

The Sex Destination.
A unique combination of atmosphere, intents, the mutual attraction between foreigners and the Dominican people, sexuality, money, and love blend and blur to give credit to the reputation.  Here, you will find wealthy locals discretely treating their secret lovers at one of the fine dining establishments, beaches with topless sunbathers, a practice that is the norm amongst many European visitors but often seen as overtly sexual by those not accustomed to seeing it, and relationships formed between visitors and ambitious industrious locals involving creative offers.  Offers that range from massage to tour guide, manicures to sex or the procurement thereof, done  in exchange for money, gifts, opportunity, or just dinner or drinks.  At times it is explicit enough to be called prostitution by some, subtly enough to be called romance when described by others.

The location is seen by foreigners as romantic with its sunny days and balmy nights, a place conducive to romance.  People come from all over the world to get married on the beach, to find a new lover, to renew and solidify current relationships by being together, having fun, and leaving all their problems at home, and to be a little more free than usual, being far from home and essentially anonymous. 

Gyrating style dance, lively music, rum and coke or beer served ice cold enjoyed on hot nights, a party atmosphere with sexual overtones is typical in the tourist towns and the discos.  The ambiance of palm trees and an exotic location on a sandy beach and blue water are so wonderful it frequently causes one to have the desire to share the experience with someone special.

The Dominican people are internationally recognized as being very attractive.  The men tend to be lean, muscular, macho, forward, romantic, naturally good dancers, great lovers, and sexually insatiable.  The women are known to be slim and curvy with round butts as in that which made Jennifer Lopez famous, for being well endowed, for being hot blooded and passionate, for embracing femininity and a traditional female role, and for being sexually liberated, talented, and provocative. 

Dominican music demands one gyrate at the hip and shaking one's backside.  Their skin is mostly somewhere between perfectly tan and smooth dark chocolate, typically a mix of black, white, and Indian that is often stunning.  Males are renowned for being  macho,  females for being sexually uninhibited.  The typically acceptable age spread for couples in Latin America is larger than in America, Canada, or most European countries widening the number of available partners.  The look and reputation of the people tempt both men and women alike and draws a steady stream of singles from Europe, Canada, and the USA to visit.

Visitors are seen by many Dominicans as being of wealth, education, world knowledge, traveled, competent, sympathetic, generous, starving for love and attention, sexually deprived, living in lands of great opportunity, and capable of offering and frequently delivering a future of prosperity, happiness, and love.  The locals come for jobs, money, love, dates, to flirt, and to pursue the tourist and fulfill dreams of living in a far away land where opportunities are everywhere, where things are clean,  ordered, and without corruption, where services are reliable, infrastructure is exemplary, where beautiful families living in comfort and happiness are envisioned.  The locals come to interact with a higher quality of people than that which they otherwise would likely interact with because of the lower social classes of Dominicans ten do be the ones that seek to interact with the tourists..

Thus, mutual attraction between the Dominican people and visitors, the ambiance of the area, and mixing of tourists, locals, the beach, and the nightlife makes Boca Chica a very sexy destination, the sexiest in the Caribbean.

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