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General safety precautions are not really needed with regard to personal safety, but rather the safety of personal belongings and money.  No matter how well you know your partner, it’s always better to keep all valuables back at the resort or locked in a room safe, even while just going to the bathroom.  Many tourists get drunk and wake up alone, without their money, camera, watch, or other valuables.  Even your favorite baseball cap or clothes are fair game.  Always ask for a room safe key at check-in.  Almost all hotels provide them for a small additional cost, almost none will offer it without being asked, and nobody will think you don’t “trust” them.  It also helps avoid conflicts arising from what you “know” was there but isn’t there anymore, even if you are mistaken.  Not all locals are thieves but it’s far better to be safe than sorry.  Always use sexual protection.  Avoiding pregnancy is as important as avoiding contracting something unexpected.

Alternative Venus.
For men, there are clubs in Santo Domingo where women are the entertainment.  These local Dominican women come from different parts of the country to work at bars of this type.  They live in dorm rooms above or attached to the clubs and at night, they hang out in the clubs as part of the entertainment.  They aren’t paid.  If a tourist wants to leave the club with one of the girls, the tourist has to pay the bar what is called a bar-fine, directly to the bar.  The bartender often handles the transaction and prices are set.  The cost can range from US$60 to US$150, depending on the establishment.  The girl will get some portion of this money when she returns.  Women leave with the tourist at their own risk and desire.  The tourist is responsible for finding and/or paying for any motel they might go to and the women know that a sexual experience is expected.  Some bars have rooms on site the establishments will rent by the “encounter”, but if not, there is always someplace close down the street and the women will be able to recommend a place.  Names change and establishments go in and out of business frequently, so if this is something you’re interested in, I suggest you ask your local taxi driver for advice on this matter.


Massage parlors are predominately places for sex in exchange for money and tips are welcome, if not expected.  If one enters are massage parlor, the available women will be presented for selection.

Long Term Relationships.
I’d advise against it.  Pay attention to what you are doing.  It’s easy to get caught up in the interaction.  These are real people and they come with real emotions.  Worse, sometimes they aren’t real emotions but you won’t know that and will get caught up in them just the same. Relationships between tourists and locals almost always get expensive, are full of deceit, and end in heart break.  Take everything you hear with a grain of salt and don’t sweat it when you catch the lies. It’s not only possible your new love has “several” just like you, it’s even likely.  If you must, be prepared for lots of cost, travel time, and never really knowing what’s up. 

Try not to share the emotional plight of those less fortunate.  If you get too involved, you will share that plight, it most certainly will not be fun, and will cost money.  I’ve seen relationships carry on for years, often with the tourist coming to visit as often as every few weeks, or as few as once a year, with the relationship held together through phone calls and e-mail.  Don’t do it, unless you are prepared to hear endless stories of distress and fight your friend’s plight through frequent cash donations and promises of the future.

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