Santo Domingo.

The outskirts of Santo Domingo are about 20 minutes west of the airport and Boca Chica is 10 minutes east of the airport. There is no beach in Santo Domingo, even though it is located on the shore. The closest beach is Boca Chica.
Santo Domingo is a cosmopolitan city, complete with historical sites from the days when Columbus discovered the new world and landed there, along with high-rise hotels, casinos, fine restaurants, shopping, modern discos, a nice malecon, cultural interests such as museums and galleries, and also slum areas, brothels, and strip bars. 

The two best known discos in town are Guacara Taina and the disco at the Jaragua Hotel. The former is built into a real cave below ground and the latter is just a typical disco but considered to be the nicest by many locals. Another popular spot is Café Atlantico. Of course, which places are popular change from week to week.

Independence Park in downtown Santo Domingo
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Typicals streets in Santo Domingo
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