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Personal Favorites

There are so many great places to eat in Boca Chica, it's hard to decide.  Some of my current favorites are listed below.

Romance and Fine Dining.

El Tula - The best in town.  A spectacular outdoor garden, fine Italian food.
Pelicanos - In the Hamaca Hotel, located literally over the water. 
Neptunos- on the water, casual, fine seafood.
Boca Marina -  on the water, casual, fine seafood.

Best Grilled Meat.
D'Lalo Pincho - set up like a food stand just behind the gas station.

Best Everyday Value.
DaNancy. This is where I eat most frequently. Located along the back wall of the Hamaca Hotel.

Other favorites that offer great food, value, and ambiance.
Italy Italy - Quaint and on the Strip.
Boat House - On the beach.
Terraza Quebec - outdoors, grilled meats.

Dominican Food.
For Dominican food and late night fare, I head to La Criolla, where Iíve never seen them closed.  Even at 4am, they are very busy. They are open air to the street and directly across the street from La Noria, one of the town's most popular late night discos.  This makes it a fun location to people-watch.  

Fast Food.
Boca Chica even has a Burger King, built into the gas station about 6 blocks away from the beach along the main highway and just a few blocks north of the Hamaca Hotel. It is clean and modern and the food is as expected. In fact, it is a better facility than most of the Burger Kings in the USA. 

Restaurants in Boca Chica, followed by beach dining.

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Boca Marina.
Located 1 block east of the Hamaca Hotel, this is a romantic seafood restaurant situated directly on the shore overlooking the beautiful bay of Boca Chica.  Reservations are recommended.

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Burger King.

The town's only fast food restaurant is part of the town's only gas station.

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A low cost Italian eatery located just 1 block north of the Don Juan Beach Resort.  Pizzas are made fresh in a special oven located next to the dining area.

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Caco Chivo (Street Vendor).
Get your late night hot pork sandwiches here.  Located next to the bar Route 66 in the evening.  "Caco Chivo" makes the best sandwiches!

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La Criolla.

The best in authentic Dominican Cuisine, La Criolla is located directly across from the popular La Noria Disco on Calle Duarte.  They are open late and it is not unusual to the place full at 4am.  This is a great place to people watch during early and late evening hours.

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Perhaps the best value in decent food in Boca Chica is DaNancy.  With meals for under US$10, a very nice setting, free appetizers (just serve yourself - the owners assume guests know they are free), and a free shot of liqueur at the end of the meal, this is a favorite of mine when I don't want to spend a lot of money but I want decent food.  Located in the alley behind the Hamaca resort, even many long time residents of Boca Chica do not know this place exists but the word is spreading.

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El Tula
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Italia 2000

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Italy Italy
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Fine Italian Dining, map location 11 (restaurants section)
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El Moreno

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Situated directly along the shore overlooking the beautiful bay of Boca Chica, this is probably the most famous restaurant in Boca Chica.  Well known for fabulous seafood, many Dominicans travel an hour from Santo Domingo to enjoy this romantic dinner spot.  It is also a popular lunch spot on weekends.  Reservations are recommended.

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Darren's Portofino Seaside Cafe
American food, American owned and operated. It is open to both the street and the beach.  Good American food and pizza too.
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Quebec Terrace.

Located half-way up Calle Juan Bautista Vicini, this is the place to go for outdoor dining and imported charcoal grilled steaks.  Try the escargot appetizer.  Owned and operated by French Canadians.

La Sirene
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