Beach Bar and Dining.  
There are a lot of places to eat, drink, or just places to rent a beach chair and soak up some sun, right on the beach.

Terraza Club.  *****
This is one of the most pleasant spots on the beach.  In the middle of the fantastic Boca Chica Beach, there is the new Milanello’s "Terraza Club" with a panoramic view  of the entire sea.  This is where we send our friends.

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Fruit Vendor on Beach.
For about US$2, you can order a plate of fresh fruit, cut up into small pieces and ready to eat.
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Il Caminetto

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El Colibri
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Corsaro Club
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Il Gabbiano
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Pam Pam Billiard
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Playa Vista
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We've got everything you, your friend and family need to enjoy a day at the beach in style
... and at the right price too.  Map Location 16, Bars and Beach Places section.
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Calle Abraham Nuñez #3
809-523-5949 (Peter Hayward)

Plaza Isla Bonita

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Darren's Portofino Seaside Cafe
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El Puerco
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El Punto
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Punto Central Backgammon
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La Roca.
This is a favorite spot for day time food on the beach.  American owned and operated, it is also a spot where many American tourists and expatriates congregate.

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Playa del Sol

Sporting Club
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Summer Time
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Terraza Milanelli
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No Name Displayed
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