Altos de Chavón.

Altos de chavón is a recreated 16th century stone village built by artists, high on top of a mountain.  It is about 90 - 105 minutes by auto from Boca Chica.  Rent a car, hire a taxi, arrange a tour through your hotel, or hire Trippers to take you on a day tour.

Authentic cobblestone streets, stone carvings, and Spanish architecture gives the feeling that the village is centuries old, but it was built by hand using wood, stone, and iron in 1976 by artists under the direction of famous Italian cinematographer Roperto Copa.  Shop for hand-made jewelry, local crafts, and pottery.  There is a spectacular 5000-seat Grecian-style amphitheater, where occasional concerts are held.  Altos de Chavón is also home to some of the best restaurants in all of the Dominican Republic, perched high above and overlooking the Chavón River.

The spectacular amphitheater.
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Beautiful Spanish Architecture.
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Fantastic views.
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