What is there to do?

Unless you are looking for a secluded, sterile, gated, all-inclusive resort and no interaction with the locals, Boca Chica is fun fun fun.

Water Sports
You will find a myriad of water sports available for rent or hire, right on the beach.
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Water Ski
Scuba diving
Go Fishing
Banana Boat Ride
Hire a yacht, have a party
Windsurf / Sailboard
Walk / Swim out to the reef
Jet Ski
Island Excursion
Buy a new swim suit
Lie on the beach and work on your tan.


Seaside Dining.
Dine on fresh seafood in a romantic candlelit setting on a deck over the water.

Boca Marina.


Dine on fresh seafood in a romantic candlelit setting on a deck over the water (See Boca Marina or Neptunos restaurants)

Enjoy the Nightlife.
Visit a disco or outdoor bar
Sip espresso while people watching at a sidewalk café
Meet people and make friends
Drink from a pineapple or coconut
Try a Presidente, the most popular local beer.
Try a cuba-libre made with locally produced rum.
Do some drinking
Dance Merengue
See a show - the 3 big all-inclusive hotels have them nightly

Ride a horse - on country trails or right on the beach
Eat all kinds of local and international foods
Gamble in the casino at the Hamaca Hotel

Rent a motorcycle and hit the dirt trails
Get your shoes shined by an enthusiastic child and buy him a coke
Take a tour of the countryside
Rent a bicycle
Play some golf
Bargain for a good price on a T-shirt
Smoke a local cigar
Get a massage right on the beach or in private
Get your hair braided
Buy some of the local music to take home
Buy some fresh mangos at the local fruit market
Right on the beach get a whole plate of various local fresh fruits cut up right in front of you made ready to eat
Remember how little you paid for this trip
Forget how soon you are leaving.

Santo Domingo.
Go to Santo Domingo.  It is only about an hour away and easy to get to.  You'll find great shopping, dining, discos, casinos, and a myriad of cultural and historical sites.

Visit Altos de Chavón.
Altos de chavón is a recreated 16th century stone village built by artists, high on top of a mountain.  It is about 90 - 105 minutes by auto.  Rent a car, hire a taxi, arrange a tour through your hotel, or hire a car to take you on a day tour.