Typical morning in Boca Chica

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Boca Chica Beach
Boca Chica, Dominican Republic
Everything about Boca Chica

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Congratulations!  You have found the Caribbean's best kept secret - Boca Chica!  It is the largest reef protected bay in the Caribbean, the nightlife capital of the Caribbean, and a beautiful beach town.  Even more special, expect to pay 1/3 the price compared to other Caribbean destinations.  More.

The beach at Boca Chica, including beach photos.

Hotel booking, discounted prices, amenities, contact info, and photos.


Airline Tickets, rental cars, drive times, bus, taxi, etc.

Misc. Photos

Photos around town.

Bars, discos, clubs, and nightlife in Boca Chica.


Where to eat in Boca Chica.

Beach eat/drink

Places on the beach to eat, drink, and soak up the sun.

Santo Domingo

The nearest large city and the capital of the Dominican Republic.


Money Transfer, ATM machines, credit cards, currency conversions, suggestions.


What to do in Boca Chica.  Tours, excursions, shopping, relaxation, and fun.

Phones, etc.

Phones, cellulars, calling cards, and everything you need to stay in touch.

The weather is perfect.  Click here for rainfall, historical patterns, and forecasts.


Map of Boca Chica.          Maps around the Island.       Detailed Maps.
Includes Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Businesses, and points of interest.


Save money on many aspects of your trip.


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